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    Follow the below procedures when you want to install 3Rabbitz Book in your Linux.

    1. Install Java 6.0 or higher.

    2. Download the installation file for 3Rabbitz Book.

    3. Decompress the installation file for 3Rabbitz Book.

    4. In the terminal, start 3Rabbitz Book.

    5. Run Installation Wizard.

    0.1Installing Java 6.0 or Higher

    Checking Java Installation and Its Version

    Execute the following command in the terminal to check Java installation and its version.

    java -version

    If the following results do not appear or if the version is OpenJDK or not equal to 1.6 or 1.7, then you will have to install Java.

    Figure 0-1Checking the Java Version

    Installing Java

    The method for installing Java may differ significantly depending on Linux distribution and version. So, you need to proceed with Java installation suitably for Linux distribution and version.

    0.2Installing 3Rabbitz Book

    Download and decompress the installation file. Installation of 3Rabbitz Book will be completed by then.

    1. Download the Linux version of installation file from the 3Rabbitz download page.

    2. Send the downloaded files via FTP to the Linux server where they will be installed.

    If the Linux server has an internet connection, then use the following command to directly download the installation files to the server.

    wget http://www.3rabbitz.com/r/home/download/linux --content-disposition

    The full path for the directory to be installed should not have space or special character(~!@#$%^&*()_+|"<>':`).

    1. Using a tar command, decompress the file.

    tar -xvf 3rabbitz-book-1.5.0.tar.gz
    1. After decompressing it, move the 3rabbitz directory to the directory where you want to install the 3Rabbitz Book.

    Figure 0-2Product Directory Structure

    0.3Starting 3Rabbitz Book

    3RABBITZ_HOME refers to the directory where 3Rabbitz Book is installed.

    1. Move to the 3RABBITZ_HOME/bin directory.

    2. Run the following command.

    1. Using Installation Wizard, perform the initial configuration works.

    0.4Terminating 3Rabbitz Book

    The following is how you can terminate 3Rabbitz Book.

    1. Move to the 3RABBITZ_HOME/bin directory.

    2. Run the following command.