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    0.1Aligning to Both Sides and Hyphenating a Word

    If you select Aligning to Both Sides(Justify) in the PDF Theme, you can expect line changes in the middle of a word. Such a problem is trivial for Korean, Chinese and Japanese but for English, French or German, it can significantly cause degradations in the readability.

    Web Viewer or EPUB file does not support hyphenation.

    The problem can be resolved in the following ways.

    • A hyphen is inserted into the location where line change can occur in a word.

    • Determine the location of line change in a word by considering the scope of causing no degradations in the readability.

    For instance, in an English word, computer, line change can occur as follows.

    Line change can occur between m and p, or t and e.

    Since there are many words, determination of the hyphenation points of the word should be automated by use of a computer. There have been many attempts for that and the most popular examples is the one done by LaTeX.

    For more details refer to Franklin Mark Liang’s journal called Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er .

    0.2Hyphenation Pattern Files

    Due to a license problem, the hyphenation pattern files were not included in 3Rabbitz Book. So, you will have to add additional hyphenation pattern files. You can obtain necessary hyphenation pattern files from the following URL address.

    Since there is no license problem for English(UK English), the English hyphenation pattern file(ukhyphen.tex) is distributed with 3Rabbitz Book. Unless you register your own hyphenation pattern file, this hyphenation pattern file will be used as default.

    After downloading the necessary hyphenation pattern file, add it in the following order.

    1. Go to the <Tools | Hyphenation Pattern> menu.

    2. Click on the <Create Hyphenation Pattern> link.

    3. After selecting a language, upload the hyphenation pattern file.

    The <Hyphenation Pattern> menu is only visible to a user with the “Create Style” role.

    Figure 0-1Hyphenation pattern Files

    When the hyphenation is processed, 3Rabbitz Book will compare the language selected when uploading the hyphenation pattern file with the language used in your book.

    0.3Registering Exception Word Rules

    In the following word types, hyphenation dose not supported despite line changes.

    • URL

    • Word with all letters capitalized

    User can register additional exception word rules.

    1. In the hyphenation pattern list, click on a language to register exception.

    2. Register the rules in the “exception” field.

      • You can register multiple words with your line changes.

    Figure 0-2Registering Exception Word Rules

    For instance in an English word such as computer, you have to register as follows if you want a hyphen to be inserted after c.


    You have to enter lowercase letters.

    0.4Setting Hyphenation

    1. Go to the <Style | Theme> menu.

    2. Select the PDF Theme.

    3. After selecting the general, and check “Hyphenation”.

      • Alignment should be set to “Both Sides(Justify)”.

    Figure 0-3Setting Hyphenation

    In other types of elements, you can set “Hyphenation” as well.