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    In the <Users> menu, you can create, update or delete a user.

    If the <Users> menu is invisible, then you need to click on the <Admin> menu in the upper right corner. The <Admin> menu is only visible to the users with the “Administrator” role.

    Figure 0-1Admin Menu

    0.1Creating a User

    The maximum number of users you can create varies depending on the type of license.

    You can create a user in the following order.

    1. Click on the <Create User> link.

    2. Enter the basics, password, and roles in the input form and click on the <Save> button.

    You need to pay attentions to the following.

    • Username is only made of Alphabets and numbers.

    • After creating a user, you can not change a username.

    The following is a description of roles.

    Table 0-1User Roles




    In the <Admin> menu, you can manage your user, and preferences.

    Create Style

    In the <Style> menu, you can set theme and layouts.


    In the <Dashboard> menu, you can create a book and prepare the contents of it.

    0.2Changing Passwords

    You can change user passwords in the following order.

    1. In the user list, click on the Username to change password for.

    2. Click on the <Change Password> link.

    3. After entering a new password, click on the <Save> button.

    You can’t change your own password here. To change your own password, go to My Profile

    0.3Deleting a User

    You can delete a user in the following order.

    1. In the user list, click on the username to delete.

    2. Click on the <Delete User> link.

    3. Click on the <Delete> button. The user will be deleted.

    The ownerships of the deleted user for the books will be automatically transferred to the person who deleted the user.

    You can not delete yourself.

    0.4My Profile

    The <My Profile> menu is in the upper right corner. Using this menu, you can perform the following tasks.

    Figure 0-2Viewing My Profile

    • Updating the My Profile information.

      • You can update your name, email address, language and time zone.

      • You can’t change username.

    • Password changes

    0.5If Every Administrator Lost Passwords

    If all the users with the “Administrator” role forget passwords and if the “Find Password” function is deactivated as the mail server is not configured, you can still temporarily change password of a specific user.

    3RABBITZ_HOME refers to the directory where 3Rabbitz Book is installed.

    1. Open the 3RABBITZ_HOME/web/WEB-INF/web.xml file.

    2. In the following codes, remove the comments and for userid, enter username you want to change password for and for password, enter new password.

    <!-- Remove this line 
    --> Remove this line
    1. Restart your 3Rabbitz Book.

    2. After logging in with newly set password, and go to the <My Profile> menu and change the password.

    3. Restore the 3RABBITZ_HOME/web/WEB-INF/web.xml file to the original condition.

    4. Restart your 3Rabbitz Book.

    If you do not revert the 3RABBITZ_HOME/web/WEB-INF/web.xml file, then your password will be changes each time you restart the server.