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    0.1Starting Installation Wizard

    After starting 3Rabbitz Book, move to the following URL on your web browser. The installation wizard will appear, then.


    The default port number is 1975. To change this, please refer to the Changing the Port Numbers.

    If it is installed on your personal computer, then you need to access the following URL.

    3RABBITZ_HOME refers to the directory where 3Rabbitz Book is installed.

    If the installation wizard does not show up, then check the log files located in the 3RABBITZ_HOME/logs directory.

    0.2Setting by Installation Wizard

    Using installation wizard, you can perform the following tasks.

    • Agreeing to End User License Agreement(EULA)

    • Setting Basics

      • Base URL

      • Data directory and backup directory

    • Entering a license key

    • Creating a user

    Agreeing to End User License Agreement

    You must agree to End User License Agreement, before you can proceed to the next step.

    Figure 0-1End User License Agreement

    You can change the language to be used in your installation wizard. At present, English and Korean are supported.

    Setting Basics

    You can configure the following items in this step.

    Base URL

    The URL for installed 3Rabbitz Book. It is used for document links and email transmission. Enter a domain address or IP address.

    Data Directory

    A directory where various entities such as database, fonts, images, PDF, EPUB and etc are stored.

    Backup Directory

    A directory where the database and the image backup copies are stored.

    Figure 0-2Entering the Basic Information

    For better reliability, you are recommended to use a backup directory that is located in a different disk than the data directory.

    Entering a License Key

    Follow the below procedures when you enter a license key.

    Figure 0-3Entering a License Key

    1. Copy the Server ID displayed on the screen of installation wizard.

    2. Move to the 3Rabbitz homepage.

    3. After logging in, go to My Account and issue a license key to yourself. At the moment, you will have to enter the Server ID.

      • Signup for account is required.

    4. After entering the issued license key in the installation wizard, click on the <Next Step> link.

    Creating a User

    Finally, you need to create a user with the “Administrator” role.

    Figure 0-4Creating a User

    Clicking on the <Install> link, installation will begin. When installation is finished, you will be moved to the log in screen.

    0.3Registering English Fonts

    The Nanum fonts installed by defaults are not suitable for English document. So, if you want to prepare an English document, you are recommended to register and use the Liberation font. To register these fonts, please refer to the 3Rabbitz Book 1.5 User Guide: Registering Liberation Fonts.