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    3Rabbitz Book supports Structured Authoring that can facilitate efficient collaborations. Structured Authoring proceeds in the following order.

    • First, create a book.

    • Create chapters within a book.

    • Add independent paragraphs within a chapter.

    In this chapter, we will explain how to create a book and chapters. For more on how to create independent paragraphs within a chapter, please refer to Editor.

    0.1Creating a Book

    In the <Dashboard> menu, you can create and edit a book. If the <Dashboard> menu does not appear, then click on the <BOOK> menu in the upper right corner.

    Figure 0-1Book Menu

    If it is still invisible, then it is because you don’t have the “write” role. In this case, you need to ask your administrator.

    You can create a book in the following order.

    1. Click on the <Create Book> link on the screen.

    2. In the input form, enter your basics, styles, options and components of a book and click on the <Save> button.

    In most of the input form, you can press the <Enter>1 key to save it.

    The following is a list of descriptions of the main input fields.

    If a field in the input form has a asterisk mark, then it means that it is a mandatory input item.



    Enter the title of a book.


    Enter the subtitle of a book.


    Enter the edit version of a book you are preparing.


    Enter the name of an author for a book. The default is set to the name of the user who created a book.


    Enter the overall topic of a book.


    Enter the keywords for the overall content that a book is dealing with.


    Select a language that is used to prepare the contents of a book.


    Refer to Grouping Books with Labels.


    Select Web Theme and Web Viewer Layout applied to your Web Viewer. For more details, please refer to Theme and Web Viewer Layout.

    Components of a Book

    You can create necessary chapters for your book. For more on what type of chapter to select, refer to Structure of a Book


    Select a desirable option by referring to the following descriptions.

    Table 0-1“Create Book” Option



    Applicable to

    Use Arabic page numbers for the front matter.

    As a page number for the front matter chapter, use Roman numbers are used by default. If you want to use Arabic numbers, please select this option.


    Start a chapter on an odd-numbered page.

    If you want to start a chapter on an odd numbered(left) page, then select this option. For this reason, a blank page can be inserted automatically.


    Indent text after heading elements.

    Although you activate indentation for “Normal” in theme, no indentation is done following a title paragraph. If you want indentation after a title paragraph, please select this option.

    Web Viewer, PDF, EPUB

    0.2Organizing the Table of Contents

    In the <Table of Contents> panel of the detailed book screen, you can create chapters.

    Creating a Chapter

    You can create a chapter in the following order.

    1. Click on the <Create Chapter> link in the <Table of Contents> panel.

    2. After entering the basics and options in the input form, click on the <Save> button.

    Figure 0-2“Create Chapter” Screen

    The following is a list of descriptions of the main input fields.



    Enter the title of a chapter.


    Select the type of a chapter.


    Enter the subtitle of a chapter.


    Enter the name of an author for a chapter.


    Disable Edit

    Select this option if you want to prohibit editing of the content of this chapter.


    If you want to hide a chapter from specific exports, select this option.

    Importing Chapters from Other Book

    You can import chapters from other books in the following order.

    1. Click on the <Import Chapters from Other Book> link in the <Table of Contents> panel.

    2. Select the book that contains the chapters to import.

    3. Select the chapters to import.

    4. Select either of “By Copy ” or “By Reference”.

    5. Click on the <Save> button.

    Table 0-2Difference between “By Reference” and “By Copy”



    By Copy

    You can create a new chapter by copying the contents of it. After that, you can edit two chapters separately.

    By Reference

    You will simply make a link between the two without copying the contents. You can only edit the original chapter and the changes made will be reflected in the both chapters. If you want to reuse the chapter with the same contents, please use this option.

    Importing a MS Word File

    You can import a word file in the following order.

    You can only import a word file with a docx extension.

    1. Click on the <Import Word File> in the <Table of Contents> panel.

    2. Click the <Import> link to select a word file.

    If you want to divide up the contents of a single word file into many chapters, then you are recommended to first separate a word file, and upload them individually.

    Editing Chapter Content

    If you want to edit the content of a chapter, you can click on the <Edit Content> link of the chapter.

    Creating a Part Type Chapter

    You can group many chapters as a part.

    If you select “Part” as a type of your chapter then the chapter will be shown as a part. Unless another part type chapter appears, they will all be placed under the same part.

    Part 1
      Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
    Part 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4
      Chapter 5

    By the way, as shown below, you can choose not to include chapter 5 under part 2 and instead put it at the same level as part 2.

    Part 1
      Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
    Part 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4
    Chapter 5

    For this purpose, you need to select the option called “Same as Part Level”.

    Figure 0-3Same as Part Level

    You can only use a part in the text. You can’t use it in the front and back matter.

    Changing the Order of Table of Contents

    A newly made chapter will be placed in the front matter, text or back matter depending on its type.

    Using drag and drop, you can change the order of Table of Contents.

    1. In the <Table of Contents> panel, place your mouse cursor on the chapter to change the order for. Moving mark() will be displayed.

    2. After clicking on the moving mark, drag the chapter into the desirable location.

      • By moving it, you will end up saving the changes made.

    Figure 0-4Changing the Order of Table of Contents

    0.3Updating Access Control for Your Book

    You can set the access control for your book in the following order.

    1. Click on the <Update Access Control> link in the <Access Control> panel of the detailed book screen.

    2. After assigning user to owner, collaborator and reviewer, click on the <Save> button.

    Owners, collaborators and reviewers have the following characteristics.

    Table 0-3Book Access Control




    A owner can perform all the tasks pertaining to a book, such as deleting a book, creating a chapter and setting an access control.


    A joint author who can edit the contents of a chapter.


    A reviewer can use Web Viewer to review the contents of a book.

    You should pay attention to the following when setting the access control.

    • An ownership is automatically granted to the user who created a book.

    • There must exist at least one owner.

    • If you delete yourself from the list of owners and save the results, then your ownership for the book will be gone.

    Table 0-4List of Functions Executable with Each Privilege





    Web Viewer

    Download PDF

    Download EPUB

    Web Viewer

    Download PDF

    Download EPUB

    Web Viewer

    Download PDF

    Download EPUB

    Book Information

    Update Book



    Table of contents

    Create and Update Chapter

    Import Chapters from Other Book

    Import Word File

    Edit Content


    Change the Order of TOC




    Edit Content






    Review Content



    Access control

    Update Access Control



    Tagging & Publishing

    Create and Change Tag

    Rebuild File






    Deleting Books and Chapters

    You need to pay attention to the following when you delete a book or chapter.

    • Once you delete a book or chapter, you will never be able to restore it.

    • If you delete a book, all the chapters within it will be also gone.

    Searching for Books

    Figure 0-5Searching for Books

    You can perform searches by following keywords in the list of books.

    • Title

    • Subtitle

    • Edition

    • Authors

    Alphabets used are case sensitive.

    Grouping Books with Labels

    Figure 0-6Grouping Books with Labels

    You can group multiple books with labels or facilitate searches for specific books. You can use labels in the following order.

    1. Enter the labels when you create or change a book.

    Use semi colons, comma or space to separate more than one labels.

    1. The label list is displayed on top of the book list.

    2. Clicking on a specific label, the books with that label will appear in the list.

    1. In Mac OS, you need to press the <RETURN> key.내용으로