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    3Rabbitz Book is a server application that is developed using Java and it is a web based S/W used by accessing from a web browser after installation. Thus, general users do not need to install additional S/W. But they need S/W and H/W used to install 3Rabbitz Book on the server. This chapter will provide the necessary information for that purpose.

    All the requirements mentioned in this chapter are the minimum requirements.

    0.1S/W Requirements

    Web Browser

    Table 0-1Web Browsers Supported

    Web Browser

    Versions Supported

    Operation System

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    8.0, 9.0


    Mozilla Firefox

    Latest version

    Windows, Linux, Mac OS

    Google Chrome

    Latest version

    Windows, Linux, Mac OS

    Apple Safari

    Latest version

    Windows, Mac OS, iOS1

    • You can only use web browsers that support HTML5.

    • Web Viewer used to read a document supports Internet Explorer 6·7 and Opera 11 or higher.

    The detailed information regarding supports for web browsers can be found in <3Rabbitz Book User Guide | Web Browser>.

    Server Software

    Operation System

    It supports OS where Java 6 or higher can be installed.


    3Rabbitz Book is the S/W developed by using Java. To run this program, you need to install Oracle Java 6.0 or higher in your OS.

    The Java versions are displayed with equivalent expressions such as 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 1.5, 1.6, 1.7. Therefore, 6.0 and 1.6 are the same versions.

    IBM Java is supported but OpenJDK is not.

    0.2H/W Requirements

    3Rabbitz Book installation requires a server with the minimum 2GHz CPU / minimum 2G RAM / minimum 200G HDD.

    The required H/W specifications may differ depending on the number of books and the number of users and you can install it on your personal computer for use.

    1. iOS 5 or higher is supported but some of the functions may not be usable.내용으로