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    0.1Web Browsers that Support All the Functions

    You can only use a web browser that supports HTML5.

    Table 0-1Web Browsers that Support All the Functions

    Web Browser

    Versions Supported

    Operation System

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    8.0, 9.0


    Mozilla Firefox

    Latest version

    Windows, Linux, Mac OS

    Google Chrome

    Latest version

    Windows, Linux, Mac OS

    Apple Safari

    Latest version

    Windows, Mac OS

    However, there exist some problems pertaining to some functions.

    When using MS Windows Internet Explorer 8(hereinafter called IE), if you delete a table’s row, the width is shrunken.

    After saving it, it recovers the normal width. So, it does not cause severe problems.

    When using IE 8, the number for the heading, figure or table is changed too slowly.

    • When a user creates or deletes a chapter or change the order of chapters in the <Table of Contents> panel of the detailed book screen, the actual changes are reflected slightly slowly.

    • When adding, deleting or moving an element, the heading, figure or table number is changed little too slowly.

    • In your editor, the same problem occurs when you open up the <Table of Contents> panel.

    To avoid this problem, you must use a different web browser.

    When there are many elements, the same problem can occur occasionally even with other web browsers.

    In IE 9, even if you select “Justify” for the table caption alignment option, in Web Viewer, it is aligned to the middle.

    This problem is unavoidable if you are an IE 9 user. To avoid this problem, you must use “Left” or “Right” alignment.

    In Windows Apple Safari(hereinafter Safari), Chinese characters are not displayed.

    To avoid this problem, you must use a different web browser.

    In Windows Safari(5.1 or older version), the confirmation window or file selection dialogue box appears, but the focus does not move to within that window/box.

    • In the confirmation window, you have to click on the <OK> or <Cancel> button twice. But the <Enter> or <Esc> key operates normally.

    • When you move a heading element in your editor, animation looks very strange. It is inconvenient for use, but does not cause a severe problem.

    • When you add a figure in the PDF Page Layout, some problem occurs. It is inconvenient but as long as you give a focus by clicking on the title line in the file selection dialogue, it does not cause a severe problem.

    Safari 5.1 or higher does not cause the problem.

    When creating a chapter in Windows Safari(5.1 or higher), I can’t enter Korean in the title field.

    Occasionally, only English or a number is allowed in the title field. In this case, you need to click on the title field several times to generate a new focus and then you can enter Korean.

    0.2iPhone and iPad

    On iPhone or iPad where iOS 5 or higher is installed, you can use the main functions with Safari. However, you are recommended to use it for simple proofreading or correction as there exist potential problems.

    The following is a list of problems.

    Does not support dragging and dropping.

    As of now, our implementation does not support dragging and dropping for the current version of iOS. Any function involving use of dragging and dropping may not operate.

    • Changing the order of Table of Contents

    • Adding an element

    • Moving an element

    • Restoring a deleted element

    • Selecting multiple cells from a table

    Without dragging and dropping, you can still add elements.

    1. Select an element. A new element will be added below the selected element.

      • If no element is selected, it is added to the bottom.

    2. In your editor tool bar, tab on the element type().

    Can’t upload a file.

    iOS does not support it. There is no solution to this.

    Can’t use the tool bar on the first line in your text editor.

    iOS text string selection tool bar and editor tool bar are overlapped here. Although it is very inconvenient, you will have to add an empty line at the top to gain margins and the proceed.

    Does not support double clicks.

    As of now, our implementation does not support double clicks for the current version of iOS. Any function involving use of double clicks may not operate.

    • Deleting a text string

    • Changing or deleting a link

    • Changing footnotes

    0.3Web Browsers that Only Support Web Viewer

    Web Viewer used to read a document supports internet explorer 6·7 and Opera 11 or higher.

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