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    In the <Servers> menu, you can see the various information related to operation of the 3Rabbitz Book server.

    If the <Servers> menu is invisible, then you need to click on the <Admin> menu in the upper right corner. The <Admin> menu is only visible to the users with the “Administrator” role.

    Figure 0-1Admin Menu

    0.1Server Properties

    In the <Servers | Server Properties> menu, you can see the Java and Tomcat setting information. When trouble occurs, you can use it for cause analysis.


    In the <Servers | JMX> menu, you can use JMX(Java Management Extensions) to observer the main information of Java and Tomcat. When trouble occurs, you can use it for cause analysis.


    In the <Servers | Mail> menu, you view the list of mail sent by 3rabbitz Book. You can look up mail list by state (not send, fail, success)

    Figure 0-2Mail list by state

    The mail list is looked up within 30 days. After 30 days the Mail list is removed automatically


    In the <Servers | Backup> menu, you can download the backup files.

    3Rabbitz Book will back up the database as follows.

    • At 4 AM on Sunday, the entire database will be backed up.

    • Except for Sundays, at 4 AM, the daily changes will be backed up.


    In the <Servers | Log> menu, you can perform the following tasks.

    • Changing Log level


    Figure 0-3Changing Log Level

    By default, the log level is set to INFO. Unless there is a special reason, do not change the log level.
    • Downloading a Log File

    • Deleting a Log File

    A log file is recorded on a daily basis, and on the day when a log is recorded, it can't be deleted.

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