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You can assign numbers to the following items.

If a chapter type is the front matter or the back matter, you may not number it. But, you can give numbers to appendix chapters.

12.1Setting the Numbering in Theme

You can set the numbering in the <Style | Theme> menu.

The <Theme> menu is only visible to a user with the “Create Style” role.
  1. Go to the <Style | Theme> menu.

  2. In the theme list, click on a theme where you want to give numbers

  3. In the right menu, select an item to give numbers. You can give numbers to the following items.

    • Heading

    • Ordered List

    • Unordered List

    • Figure

    • Table

Figure 12-1Numbering Menu

  1. After selecting a detailed item(Heading 1), go to the left menu and click on the <Numbering> menu and set the options.

12.2Numbering Options

The numbering options are shown as follows.

Figure 12-2Numbering Options

You can only set “Number Format” and “Number Style” for your part, chapter or appendix titles. You can only set “Number Style” for ordered and unordered lists.

Number Format and Number Style

Select “Number Style” in the following items.

You can enter the following text strings including the keywords for “Numbering Format”.

Part ${part_n}.
Appendix ${n}.

For instance, if “Part Title” has “UPPER_ROMAN” as Number Style and “part ${part_n}.” as Number Format, then the numbering results will be yielded as follows.

Part I. Create Book
Part II. Editor
Part III. Create Style

If you change Numbering Style to “UPPER_ALPHA” then the following numbering results will be obtained.

Part A. Create Book
Part B. Editor
Part C. Create Style

You can use the following keywords in Numbering Format.

Table 12-1Keywords that can be used in Numbering Format

Numbering formats



Part number


Chapter number


Appendix number


Heading 1 number


Heading 2 number


Heading 3 number


Heading 4 number


Heading 5 number


Current item number

“${n}” means the current item number. So, whether you set your Part Title to “${part_n}” or to “${n}”, the same results will be obtained.

You can set it as follows if you want to number layers from Heading 1 to Heading 5.

Table 12-2Numbering Headings


Number Format


Heading 1



Heading 2



Heading 3


Heading 4


Heading 5



Position is the option that can be only set in the PDF Theme. It can be set either to Inside or Outside. See the results then you can easily determine what option is used. First of all, if you set the position to Inside, then the following results will be obtained.

To the contrary, if you set the position to Outside, then the following results will be obtained. Numbers will be located in the outdented positions from the heading.

Text Indent

Using the Text Indent option, you can set the space between a number and the content.


You can apply different fonts to the numbers from the main text as follows.

You can set different font, font size, color and style to the numbers from the main text.

If you set the font size to 1em, it will have the same font size as the main text.

  1. We are assuming that the Number Style is set to “DECIMAL”.To Content